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Thursday 5/30/24 @ Eagles 34
   Mr. Zipp album release w/ Controversial New Skinny Pill and Shrimp Olympics 


Wednesday 5/8/24 @ Palmers
   Willow Waters Residency w/ Kiernan

Wednesday 3/27/24 @ Turf Club
w/ Sun Seeker (Nashville), True Green, and Despondent

Thursday 2/22/24 @ Amsterdam Bar and Hall
   w/ KYM

Monday 2/19/2024 @ The White Squirrel
   Enter the Void - Portishead Homage

Saturday 1/27/2024 @ The Cedar Cultural Center
   Drone Not Drones

Saturday 1/20/2024 @ First Avenue Mainroom
opening for Dead Man Winter
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Thursday 11/30/2023 @ Green Room
    d’Lakes Album Release w/ Drug League

Saturday 10/28/2023 @ The Chop Shop
    w/ Zippo Man, Mike Kota, and Tarias and The Sound

Sunday 10/8/2023 @ Underground Music Venue
    w/ French Cassettes (CA) and Immaterial (GA)

Friday 10/6/2023 @ Cemetery Ridge
   w/ Overhand and Linus

Wednesday 9/20/2023 @ Palmers
   w/ The Front Row Pauls, Whiskey Rock n Roll Club, The Silent Treatment, and San Ardo

Sunday 9/17/2023 @ Insight (solo)
   Sunday Sessions residency

Monday 9/4/2023 @ White Squirrel (solo)
Enter the Void residency w/ Eddie Weinstine, Sam Hell, and Shawty Ensemble

Friday 8/25/2023 @ Bryant Lake Bowl
   w/ Loud Sun and Planet Which

Saturday 7/29/2023 @ Underground Music Venue
   Underground Music Fest

Saturday 7/1/2023 @ Disco Death Records
   w/ Swamp Titi and Fruit Form

Saturday 6/17/2023 @ The Treasury
   Payne Ave Fest

Friday 6/2/2023 @ Bat Cave
    w/ Keep for Cheap and Ghosting Merit

Saturday 5/6/2023 @ PILLLAR forum
  w/ The Briefly Gorgeous and Ice Climber

Wednesday, 5/3/2023 @ Mortimers
    w/ Prairie Clamor and The Culture

Saturday 4/22/2023 @  Driftless Books
   w/ Delphia Cello Quartet

Tuesday 4/18/2023 @ Eagles 34
   Tiny Tuesday #4 w/ Pig in the City, CB.,  Ribbons, and mount curve

Wednesday 3/29/2023 @ Palmers
   w/ Witness and Emmy Woods and the Red Pine Ramblers

Thursday 3/16/2023 @ The Treasury
   w/ Carlisle Evans Peck and Alicia Thao

Sunday 3/5/2023 @ The Wolf House
   w/ *Splash!* and Gabe Keller Flores and Ilse Griffin

Friday 3/3/2023 @ Bryant Lake Bowl 

   Window Seat album release w/ Loud Sun 
   Facebook event
   Get tickets!

Saturday 1/21/2023 @ The Cedar Cultural Center
   Drone not Drones

Friday 1/6/2023 @ Eagles 34
    w/ Is This Thing On & Bad Posture Club

Saturday 12/31/2022 @ The Bronze
    w/ Mr. Zipp, Buio Omega, Rancor, Psychic Sports, Ice Climber & Texture Freq

Thursday 10/13/22 @ Mortimers
    w/ Gabacho (Chi) & Cha Cha 9

Friday 8/26/22 @ Saint Paul Movies in the Parks
  w/ Superhands

Thursday 7/21/22 @ The Landing Strip
   w/ Dustceawung, CC Stanhill, Haley Ryan, Lyn Corelle

Saturday 6/4/22 @ Swede Hollow Park
   Art in the Hollow